Friday, September 4, 2009

SQLSaturday #21 is Coming to Orlando...

...On October 17th.

For anyone who's not familiar with SQLSaturday, it's a free (a $10 fee for lunch is being charged this year due to funding challenges) all day event for SQL Pro's & those wanting to expand their SQL skills. There's a wide variety of sessions throughout the day organized in "tracks". For example there's a track for Administration which focuses more on, well, the administrative aspects of working with SQL & a track on SSIS which focuses on ETL. The sessions cover a broad range of depth & there are sessions suitable for beginners all the way through advanced users.

I had the privilege of attending the very first SQLSaturday & several more since then & I can't recommend it highly enough. Top notch speakers (for example Andy Warren, Brian Knight, Buck Woody & Kendal Van Dyke to name a few), lots of info, lots of fun & you certainly can't beat the cost. In today's economic climate, with training budgets being slashed or eliminated this is a great way to pick up high quality training for the cost of lunch.

In addition to the free event, EndToEnd Training is also presenting 5 full day seminars the week leading up to SQLSaturday. Each seminar is $149 with a 20% discount to those that attend 2 or more sessions.

<shameless plug>
This year I'll be presenting a 15 minute session on Encrypting SSIS Connection Strings.
</shameless plug>

So, get signed up & plan on being in Orlando on the 17th. Trust me, you'll thank yourself.

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