Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SQLSaturday 21 - Encrypting SSIS Connection Strings

I had the chance to speak at the recent SQLSaturday in Orlando on Encrypting SSIS Connection Strings. Many thanks to Andy Warren for giving me the opportunity.

As always the day was top notch all the way. Andy & team put on a great event.

I've commented the code used for the demo (it's fully functional, just needs the passwords & file path for the master key backup changed) with enough information to implement the solution & placed it here.

Thanks again to Andy & team for a great event. Also a special thanks for all those who attended my session & restrained from any rotten fruit throwing :-).

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Finding Linked Servers with Open Mappings to SA

Recently I've been working on implementing PBM (Policy Based Management) in our environment. In addition to using the predefined conditions & facets I've been creating custom Policies using executesql().

As part of this effort we wanted a policy to alert us to Linked Servers with an open mapping to SA. Since this isn't something that was really obvious it seemed worthy of a quick post. There are 2 versions of the code, one for SQL2000 & one for SQL2005. The code is written with PBM in mind so parses as one string, you can take this code out & it will still work just fine. The code is here.

Don't forget SQLSaturday #21 in Orlando is less than 2 weeks away.